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Claim Your Inheritance

* Featured Image: A young Kurdish girl such as those being forced to flee for their lives from extremists in Syria and Iraq.

China Turk

Your donation will go to support China Turk.

Grenada Family Network is Still On the Air…

Right now you may be thinking, “What a strange headline. Has something changed with GFN?” Well, yes actually.

Jerry Eller Memorial Fund

In keeping with Jerry’s long standing tradition, the proceeds donated to this fund will be divided evenly between the MOVE – Belize Volunteer Center a

PAMAS News: Emergency On the Mountain

I expected the worst, but was still amazed by what I saw.


Japan Christian Service International (JCSI) project

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Africa Med-Air Project

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PAMAS Helicopter Funding Update

Dear Friends and Family, We just wanted to update you on the helicopter funds progress.

Familia Feliz Summer 2014 Newsletter

The Lord continues to bless us and work in our behalf here at Familia Feliz.

Guyana Mission Report: Chikungunya and the Cell Phone Thief

Well we don’t have “Chikungunya” (yet), but it’s been spreading all over Georgetown like wildfire.